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Work Experience


 1.     Electrical Networks Analysis :

bullet Power flows
bullet Short circuit currents
bullet Harmonic currents flow
bullet Power systems & protections
bullet Transient stability:
bullet Electromechanical for CCT calculation for Network security
bullet Electromagnetic
bullet Electric circuits transients analysis, Electric arc
bullet Power transformers up to 400MVA/400kV
bullet Power generators up to 600MW

2.     Measurements & Tests after SVC system installation

bullet Power, energy
bullet Electrical disturbances:
bullet Conducted and radiated
bullet Harmonics, flicker
bullet Voltage fluctuations

 3.     Experience in Special Electrical Machines design:

bullet Optimization of EAF/LF furnaces working with:
bullet SVC & SVC light /STATCOM or saturable reactor up to +-250Mvar
bullet DC arc furnaces up to 350MW
bullet Synchronous machine for power generation up to 600-1000MW parallelize
bullet Hydro, Gas and Steam Turbine, PV field and Wind turbine

4.     Project & Design of:

bullet Calculation and technical specifications starting from furnace basic data
bullet Static var compensators
bullet Power compensation harmonic filters:
bullet Reactive power, Capacitors bank with Tuning reactors
bullet Damping resistor
bullet RC surge protections with arresters filters for circuit breakers and medium voltage
bullet Single line diagram of SVC and drawing in steelmaking plants
bullet SVC light/STATCOM with VSC power if necessary for better disturbances compensation



Dr. Alberto Fragiacomo

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