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Iron and Steel Industry


EAF Furnaces Disturbance Mitigation in steelmaking plants with SVC Systems and other solution

Consulting & Engineering Supplies for SVC Systems up to 250Mvar, in MV distribution up to 36kV


WEMES is a team which  plans and  realizes the PFC Systems (Power Factor Correction) for steel making plants.
This team  supports the Customer in order to define the detailed engineering for SVC Systems (Static Var Compensator)

 knowing technology of furnace working, including disturbances compensation on electrical networks).

According to several international rules and standards, we use to work in a coordinated team which satisfies Customers requirements

 from both economical and technical point of view.

WEMES Consulting  specialized in SVC Systems calculation and dimensioning, Electrical Networks Analysis
specialized in installation engineering planning
This company is represented by Dr. Alberto Fragiacomo, graduated in Physics.
He deeply knows the theoretical criteria of an SVC system and gives a support
 with measures to improve and optimize the system.
He has a significant experience in High voltage/Medium voltage/ PFC and SVC systems planning having  experience of detailed engineering and tests/measurements, and commissioning regarding these kind of plants.



References & Work Experience:
Networks Analysis :
Power flows
Short circuit currents
Harmonic currents flow
Power systems & protections
Transient stability:
Electric circuits transients analysis
Electric arc
Power transformers
Power generators

 Example of load flow and short circuit current calculation resulting from our software

Design of:
Calculation and technical specifications starting from furnace basic data
Static var compensators
Power compensation harmonic filters:
Reactive power
Capacitors bank
Tuning reactors
Damping resistor
RC surge protections with arresters filters
for circuit breakers and medium voltage
Single line diagram of SVC and drawing in steelmaking plants
SVC light/STATCOM with Voltage Source Capacitors power, if necessary for better disturbances compensation

 Example of filters design performance calculation resulting from our software

Experience in design regarding:
Optimization of EAF/LF furnaces working with:
SVC & SVC light Saturable reactor
DC arc furnaces
Synchronous machine for power generation
Measurements & Tests after SVC system installation
Power, energy
Electrical disturbances:
Conducted and radiated
Harmonics, flicker
Voltage fluctuations
 References & Work Experience:
SVC Calculation, Design, Test and Commissioning for Main Customers:
VAI - Voest Alpine
Design works in progress:
 SIDERPOTENZA Italy             SVC and measurements 105Mvar
 DUFERCO Italy                        SVC and measurements 175Mvar
 FERALPI Italy                           SVC 165Mvar
 RUGUI Spain                            SVC  65Mvar
 CHADORMALU Iran         SVC 240Mvar or SVC-Light 115Mvar
 RUGUI Spain                         SVC 50Mvar or STATCOM 18Mvar
SHADEGAN Iran                SVC 190Mvar or SVC-Light 85Mvar


WEMES is a group of technicians who, uniting their experience and skills, provide technical and professional services to
develop both basic and detailed engineering design, in order to help your technical office in electrical, mechanical and civil engineering
works. WEMES working team has the potentiality and flexibility to offer a wide collaboration with your technical, commercial and purchase
departments in order to activate and manage a job complementary parts, that are:
1) Collaboration with project managers to estimate the engineering various parts, with the possibility of being present during technical meetings with final customer to give assistance and help
2) Assistance to designers and job responsible personnel in order to choose and define  the best technical  and economical solutions for machines or plant complementary parts
3) Assistance to the purchase offices by drawing up the documentation for inquiry request, checking and analysing the offer
4) Drawing up of all the engineering documentation for plant building
5) Co-operation during the assembly and erection, start up and testing of the plant
For the best time and energies management, our companys praxis is to assign the works technical management to one of our
collaborators who acts as a connection with your personnel. He co-operate with your staff, choosing our most skilled and
appropriate personnel for every work that has to be carried out.
As a general and not restrictive rule, our structure is able to offer the above services with the following specializations:
Electric and automation installation works
HV-MV-LV apparatus and plant design
Basic and executive installation engineering
Use and maintenance manuals
Civil and tertiary plant engineering
 Industrial/steel plant engineering
 Assistance to erection and start-up on site
Mechanical and piping works
Pneumatic, hydraulic and water engineering design
Carpentry and other structure design
Development of machine and plant piping with executive project
Civil works
Basic design
Feasibility studies
Plant layout
To carry-out the documentation, WEMES uses the most sophisticated technical means on the market, suitable to the
requirements/standardization of the Customer.
Activities and studies supplied for SVC systems and EAF furnaces engineering activities, for
a collaboration with  suppliers:
Step down transformer
Series reactor
Vacuum circuit breaker
Furnace transformer
PFC: fixed harmonic filters, SVC
For the above mentioned activities we define:
Apparatus technical specifications and dimensioning
Testing and commissioning in local suppliers factories
Installation engineering with basic and detail design
Supervision to the installation works
Testing and commissioning after start up as listed in
Systems check up on EAF and LF after SVC System installation schedule
Technical specifications for construction and enquiry
In order to Supply SVC Systems in Steelmaking plants, we supply  technical specifications and detailed  designs.
Check up of the Systems on EAF and LF Post SVC System installation  
Check of furnace operation
Installation of a measurement system for arc furnace analysing and operation reporting
Check of typical heat performance in terms of heat profile, power input, current level, refractory balance, electrode consumption and further key factors for melting
 Setup of circle diagrams and operating tables
Substation Supervision, Disturbances and Energy Control
Check of electrode regulation
Check and calibration of current and voltage measurement
Check of closed-loop control for electrode regulation system
Hydraulic speed tests to analyse valve characteristic, accuracy, wear, mast roller performance.
Dip tests to establish high current system data
Discussion for improving hydraulic and control system
Check of electrical protection system
Analysing VCB-breaker trips during opening (RC-Filter design with surge arresters)
Read-out and check relay settings for EAF-breaker and back-up breakers
Analysing necessary protection level for transformer and switchgear, relay settings and coordination
Improvements operations
Implementation of modified Heat power profiles
Testing of new transformer/reactor taps and current levels (impedance set points) for different main melting phases
Electrical balancing of furnace operation in order to symmetrise and to lower refractory wear index

Examples of EAF/LF furnaces working optimization with SVC (Static Var Compensator).
Circle diagram for EAF working area

     EAF with fixed filters                                             EAF with SVC


Responsabile del coordinamento per l'Ingegneria: WEMES Consulting

Dr. in Physics Alberto Fragiacomo (Engineering Coordination Manager)

Via Rossini 31/A, I-30171 Mestre-Venezia (VE), ITALY;  Winter Local Time: GMT+1
Tel. :                                      Fax to email: +39 02 30132890
Mob.:  +39 347 2618940  ;   Email: wemes@wemes.it 
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