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Consulenze e Servizi per l'Ingegneria - Wide Electrical and Mechanical for Engineering Service

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Iron and Steel Industry
Electric Arc Furnaces
Study and Projects

WEMES Consulting is a society of service to Engineering.  It offer an ample range of services for project and planning,

studies and measurements, mainly in the electrical sectors, mechanical and civil.
Its collaborator are physical, engineers and specialized experts in electrical energy, mechanics and electronics,
they are of consolidated professional experience in the field of the electrical network analysis and planning,

of the big industrial firms and groups and civil projects planning, mechanics and electrical energy-electronics.
WEMES Consulting perform of the simulation of electric phenomenons, of the measures in the industrial plants,
of the analysis to the FEM (Finite Element Method) and in a specific engineering topics.
The objective WEMES is become Long Term Partner of his customers, offering services of elevated quality and high contained.

Its technical support, uses of the direct experience of his collaborators and of technical qualified, also they
experienced in the varieties branches of activity. WEMES Consulting is able to provide a service of Contract Technical Supporter.
The programs more adjourned software, a new instrumentations and technically advance, a Databaseand a library
that they get news in continuation, they are elements on which we could expect for always resolve any
type of problem of your firm-plants; we guarantee a service of quality that distinguishes itself from the 
other present offers on the market for professionality, precision, punctuality in the execution and delivery of the jobs.
Each our job comes accompanied always from a technical report with the better solution for the problems.


Responsabile del coordinamento per l'Ingegneria: WEMES Consulting

Dr. in Physics Alberto Fragiacomo (Engineering Coordination Manager)

Via Rossini 31/A, I-30171 Mestre-Venezia (VE), ITALY;  Winter Local Time: GMT+1
Tel. :                                      Fax to email: +39 02 30132890
Mob.:  +39 347 2618940  ;   Email: wemes@wemes.it 
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