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How can New Process Technology and New Equipment Improve your Furnace


How can

New Process Technology and

New Equipment Improve your Furnace Operation and

Decrease your Production Cost?

The headlined question should be of great interest for most of the steel mills producing steel by melting scrap in electric arc furnaces.

Operation of arc furnaces have changed in a radical way the recent years and will do so even in the future due to new developed equipment and process technologies.

Unit prices of electrical energy, electrodes, fuel, carbon, oxygen, refractory, scrap, lime, etc always change from time to time due to market situations.

New operation technology, new equipment for improving of furnace operation and energy savings are developed and are proposed by suppliers.

Especial, when the market situation changes with dumped market prices it is important to trim the furnace operation and reduce the conversion costs of steel in the furnace(s).

Here follows some important and interesting questions you may have or will have in the future:

- Do you change furnace operation and equipment due to trends in the market?

- Is a DC arc furnace the correct solution for Your local operation conditions?

- Is a twin shell furnace an intresting option of a new furnace installation?

- Is a shaft furnace beneficial from energy recovery, production increase and environmental reasons?

- Is a change of furnace shell geometry, i.e. increased shell height and decreased shell diameter, beneficial?

- Is oxy-fuel burners and/or Coherent Jet burners beneficial and when and how shall You use the burners in the most efficient way?

- Is post combustion with excess oxygen beneficial and when and how shall you use excess oxygen to have an efficient post combustion?

- Is a new more powerful furnace transformer with series reactor (fixed or controlled reactance) a beneficial investment?

- Is a SVC system for voltage stabilisation, power factor correction and flicker reduction a beneficial investment?

- Is “off-line” pre-heating and pre-cleaning of scrap a beneficial investment?

- How does new equipment impact the performance of existing auxiliary equipment like electrical power supply, power factor correction, media supply (oxygen, fuel, cooling water), furnace hall ventilation and bag house?

- Are You sure that all these new technologies and new proposed equipment are good and will improve operation, will increase production, will reduce energy consumption and reduce the overall operation costs for your furnace(s)?

Today, computer programs for simulation of the melting process in arc furnaces are developed to optimise the furnace operation and to see the real impact of new equipment on furnace operation, production and production costs, which together with experiences can tell You in advance, whether proposals from suppliers of new operation technology and epuipment real will fulfil the proposed guarantees and operation improvements.


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