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Consulenze e Servizi per l’Ingegneria - Wide Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Service

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GSE (Gestore Servizi Energetici) Italy

Certificate by GSE Advisor (Energy Service Italian Authority)

Establishment of Registers Component Groups Verification Audits and Inspections Department at the Company’s Manager of Energy Services GSE SpA

Write in registers Lists for n° 1, 2, 3, 4

Register 1 – Thermal power plants fuelled with biogas, landfill gas, residual gas from purification processes and bio-liquids;

Register 2 – Interventions energy efficiency in end uses, with reference to the industrial sector of the paper, brick, metal, ceramics, glass and steelmaking plants;

Register 3 Thermal power plants of High Efficiency Cogeneration (HEC);

Register 4 – Photovoltaic system plants;


Industrial Engineering Consulting and Service



Dr. Alberto Fragiacomo

 ITALY - North-East-Veneto; Winter Local Time: GMT+1

Mob.:  +39 347 2618940 ;  Email: wemes@wemes.it   
Update the: 10 febbraio 2021