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CheckUp of Systems


Check up of the Systems on EAF and LF Furnaces,

 Post SVC System installation

  1. EAF/LF furnace operation

·       Installation of a measurement system for arc furnace analysing and operation reporting

·       Check of typical heat performance in terms of heat profile, power input, current level,

·       refractory balance, electrode consumption and further key factors for melting

·       Setup of circle diagrams and operating tables


  1. EAF/LF electrodes regulation


Check and calibration of current and voltage measurement


 Check of closed-loop control for electrode regulation system


 Hydraulic speed tests to analyse valve characteristic, accuracy, wear, mast roller performance.


 Dip tests to establish high current system data


 Discussion for improving hydraulic and control system


  1. Steelmaking plants Check of electrical protection system

·       Analysing VCB-breaker trips during opening (RC-Filter design with surge arresters)

·       Read-out and check relay settings for EAF-breaker and back-up breakers

·       Analysing necessary protection level for transformer and switchgear, relay settings and coordination


  1. EAF/LF Improvements operations

·       Implementation of modified Heat power profiles

·       Testing of new transformer/reactor taps and current levels (impedance set points)

·        for different main melting phases

·       Electrical balancing of furnace operation in order to symmetrise and to lower refractory wear index



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