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CESI (Centro Elettrotecnico Sperimentale Italiano) Milan Italy

Power system planning, operation and design are complex processes requiring accurate technical and economic analyses which have to take into account different drivers, such as the enhanced penetration of generation from renewable energy sources RES (most of them non-programmable, such as in the case of wind and solar), power market integration, increased environmental concerns leading very frequently to the adoption of non-conventional solutions for transmissions (e.g.: under grounding, HVDC links, and in general FACTS devices, rewire, etc.).

In this context, the required technical activities can be clustered as follows:


- Assessment of the impact into the power system of new power plants either conventional or from RES

- Assessment of the maximum penetration level of non-programmable RES generation


- Identification of the optimal network expansion plans both at the transmission and distribution level

- Identification of the optimal network operational configurations both at the transmission and distribution level

- Interconnection studies , - Cost-benefit analyses

- Reliability analysis , - Protection coordination

- Optimal shunt Var compensation , - System performance studies:

o In static conditions

o In dynamic conditions: transient stability, inter-area oscillations, voltage stability, frequency stability, sub synchronous resonances, electromagnetic transients (switching and temporary over voltages, lightning)

o Power quality: harmonics, flicker, voltage dips and identification of the relevant measures to mitigate the disturbances.

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